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Balls and Bells

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  • Flexible Throwing Balls
    Flexible Throwing Balls
    Super-tough Hytrell shell is flexible and does not lose its shape. Great for indoor use. Will not mark floors. Ideal for overweight discus and javelin exercises. (not recommended for throwing against hard surfaces at close...

  • Grip Ball
    Grip Ball
    Built-in handle allows a variety of strength and flexibility exercises to be performed indoors or out. Specific technique drills for discus and javelin can be enhanced with the use of the 8" diameter Grip Ball. (Color may...

  • Iron Throwing Balls
    Iron Throwing Balls
    [ Printed Catalog : Page 36 ]

  • Javelin Knockenballs
    Javelin Knockenballs
    The "knockenball" originated in Finland, the country that practically owns the javelin event! The knob design allows simulation of the javelin grip. Knockenballs can be thrown indoors, against padded walls, or into a net for...

  • Kettlebells
    These increasingly popular cast iron weights are manufactured in a variety of sizes for sport–specific resistance training not easily achieved with any other type of weight implement. Call 800-697-2999 and inquire...

  • Medicine balls
    Medicine Balls
    Medicine balls allow you to do specialized exercises that develop specific strength, coordination and technique applicable over a variety of events and sports. [ Printed Catalog : Page 36...

  • Puds
    Designed by Lance Deal— American record holder, Olympic silver medalist in the hammer and world record holder in the weight throw— these popular training implements are used for specific strength and power...