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  • Gillett Competition & Training Discus
    Gillett Competition & Training Discus
    Each series provides under, over and competition weight discus. All other measurements remain at competition specs. The most recent study concludes the variation of .20 kg.–.25 kg, under and over competition weight,...

  • Gillett II Adjustable Shots
    Gillett II Adjustable Shots
    Only at OnTrack! Here's the shot you've read about on coaching websites! Based on modern throws theory, these shots are designed to be adjusted for over-size training. Each shot comes with a 3.5 lb. container of pellets...

  • Gillett Training Hammers
    Gillett Training Hammers
    OnTrack Original Since 1990. Iron ball, OnTrack handle* & wire All men´s weights measure 125mm diameter All women´s weights measure 100mm diameter Purchase individually or as a kit: Men´s kit...

  • Gold Hyper Spin
    Gold Hyper Spin
    More Catabrian models available upon request... Just ask! Gold and Black Cantabrians ship with carry bags. Meets all specs & certified for international competition Up to 84.5% weight on bronze rim Has won most...

  • T-400
    Gold Medal Block
    High performance features at an economical price. The Gold Medal block has aluminum pedals that adjust to four different angles. The center rail is made of steel. Ground stakes and all-weather spikes are included...

  • Gold Medal Track & Field DVD
    Gold Medal Track & Field DVD
    Improve your technique instruction, and add to your training drills for better performance with this comprehensive survey of each of the four event categories: Middle and long distances; Sprints, hurdles and relays; Jumps;...

  • Grip Ball
    Grip Ball
    Built-in handle allows a variety of strength and flexibility exercises to be performed indoors or out. Specific technique drills for discus and javelin can be enhanced with the use of the 8" diameter Grip Ball. (Color may...

  • Grip Tape, Chalk & Sprays
    Grip Tape, Chalk & Sprays
    WHITE GRIP TAPE, CHALK & SPRAYS When it comes to getting a grip, consider a classic—Cramer white athletic tape. For the vaulter who likes it sticky, we have Firm Grip® spray. Like dry control? Try...

  • Guides To Organizing Successful High School Meets
    Guides to Organizing Successful High School Meets
    by Skip Stolley, Chairman, Chicago Area Track & Field Organizing Committee, Inc. This pair of comprehensive step– by– step guides for organizing high school track and cross country meets, written by a coach...

  • Gym Balls
    Gym Balls
    These burst-resistant balls hold up to 600 lbs. safely. Should the balls become punctured, they are designed to slowly deflate. Develop alignment, stability and flexibility by using these balls to enhance your stretching and...

  • Halo
    IAAF-Certified 80-85% Rim weight No center plate Polycarbonate side plates [ Printed Catalog : Page 10 ]

  • Halo Hammers
    Halo Hammers
    OnTrack Original Since 1990. Stainless steel ball, machined and calibrated to exact size and weight Ball bearing swivel, 3mm wire Machined straight aluminum grip Meets all NCAA, USATF & IAAF specs [ Printed...

  • Halo Shots
    Halo Shots
    OnTrack Original Since 1990. Stainless steel: Holds its shape better than brass, 2 to 1 Lathe-turned and precision balanced Smallest legal diameter (4 kg./95mm; 16 lb./110mm) [Printed Catalog : Page...

  • PSR77 - Hammer Conversion Ring
    Hammer Conversion Ring
    OnTrack Original Since 1998. Convert any discus ring into an official NCAA/IAAF-size hammer ring in less than a minute. Guaranteed never to crack like the fiberglass type. It will never rattle or bend like the aluminum type...

  • Hammer Gloves
    Hammer Gloves
    OnTrack Original Since 1994. Designed and developed by OnTrack. This registered design provides superior fit and durability. Available in XX-large and small sizes. 2" wide strap wraps around the wrist for secure fit. No...

  • Hammer Handles
    Hammer Handles
    [ Printed Catalog : Page 15 ]

  • DV08-5
    Hammer Throw Set
    by Larry Judge One of the most comprehensive hammer drills videos yet, Larry Judge demystifies one of track and field’s most technical events through understandable teaching progressions and drills in Coaching the...

  • Hammer Wires (Halo)
    Hammer Wires (Halo)
    Short, tight wrap; black oxide finish. Great durability. Made in the U.S.A. [ Printed Catalog : Page 15 ]

  • Hammer Wires (On Track)
    Hammer Wires (On Track)
    Easy on/off. Value priced lengths for all weights. Silver zinc-plated (10% off 10 or more wires) [ Printed Catalog : Page 15 ]

  • PVAHR - HandiRack Inflatable Roof Rack
    HandiRack™ Inflatable Roof Rack
    Transport your vaulting poles and javelin tubes with this inflatable roof rack. Composed of two sets of twin cylinders, webbing tie–downs, D–ring anchor points, an air pump and travel bag—the system...