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Circles & Toeboards

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  • 360° Belt
    360° Belt
    This training device allows for full 360° rotation while providing constant resistance. Great for all throwing events, adjusts to fit each athlete. Can practice spin or glide, half turn or full turn techniques. Available...

  • Cross-braced aluminum circles
    Aluminum Circles
    These cross–braced aluminum circles greatly simplify in–ground installation. Two sections of 1/4" x 3" extruded aluminum with welded bracing, bolts together prior to installation. This assures a perfectly round...

  • PSR77 - Hammer Conversion Ring
    Hammer Conversion Ring
    OnTrack Original Since 1998. Convert any discus ring into an official NCAA/IAAF-size hammer ring in less than a minute. Guaranteed never to crack like the fiberglass type. It will never rattle or bend like the aluminum type...

  • T791 - International Aluminum Toe Board (IAAF specs)
    International Athletics Toe Board
    Our new, hefty squared–back toe board is designed for use in collegiate and international throwing venues. For installation on a level concrete pad. Meets all IAAF specifications.   [ 2018 Printed Catalog : Page...

  • T710
    RSCS Throws Guides by Lexcaliburs
    Lexcaliburs’ new Rubber Sunken Circle System—or “RSCS”—transforms any flat throws slab into a safer and certifiable sunken throws area. All items in the system are manufactured from recycled...

  • Sector Guide
    Sector Guide & Marking Tape
    Lay out your throwing zone quickly and accurately with this all–weather vinyl template and sighting rods. Mark throwing areas easily on artificial surfaces with our sector tape on a spool and staples. [ Printed...

  • Throwing Circles
    Throwing Circles
    OnTrack Original Since 1998. T501–03 made of extruded 1" aluminum angle, 1/4" thick Circle can be installed either on top of a concrete slab or integrated right into the cement [ Printed Catalog : Page 58...