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Coaches' Corner

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  • These are the greatest signs.
    'Heads Up' Caution Signs
    These 18" x 12" white metal signs by Lexcalibur caution “Heads Up or Heads Off”—in the case of the throws—and a variety of other hazards. Male and female versions of the athletic figures make these...

  • NFHS Track and Field and Cross Country Rules Book
    2020 NFHS Track & Field & Cross Country Rules
    From the National Federation of State High Schools Association, this latest edition includes high school track and field and cross-country competition rules, specifications and national records. Coaches: Don’t be...

  • SW145 - Coach Beeper
    Coach Beeper
    A digital electronic cadence beeper that enhances the athlete’s ability to train more effectively while simultaneously allowing the coach to work more exclusively with additional athletes. It enables the athlete to...

  • Megaphone
    Constructed of sturdy PVC, and operating on 8 C-size batteries, this 25 watt megaphone is trigger controlled to broadcast up to 1000'. Adjust volume for added impact, or get even more attention by pushing the siren button...

  • OnTrack Event Cards
    OnTrack Event Cards
    Only at OnTrack! Keep your largest meets “on track” with these 8-1/2" x 11" event cards. Printed on heavy– weight cardstock, and color–coded to differentiate between running,long jump/ triple...

  • SWRC - Runners Calculator
    Runners Calculator
    "You set the goal, we set the pace!" says the developer of this handy cross–country and track coaching aid! Quickly and precisely calculate any split needed for workouts, project a runner’s finish time with...

  • WeatherWriter
    You asked for it... so, we got it! Coaches and officials need to be prepared for all sorts of weather conditions, and this portrait version of the popular WeatherWriter clipboard will help with that. Featuring a...

  • Whistles
    Get their attention and save your voice with your choice Black 2-1/8'' coach's whistle, made of solid compressed molded plastic Nickel-plated brass official's whistle (1 3/4''), imported from England, the smallest and...

  • WPC1 - Williams Pace Calculator
    Williams Pace Calculator
    Fast, accurate pace verification of intervals or race splits 100m to 10k on Track side - includes 150m and 500m 10k to 42k on Road side - includes all metric and road distances 3-1/2" X 10" - can be tucked in your shirt...