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Coaching and Technique

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  • These are the greatest signs.
    'Heads Up' Caution Signs
    These 18" x 12" white metal signs by Lexcalibur caution “Heads Up or Heads Off”—in the case of the throws—and a variety of other hazards. Male and female versions of the athletic figures make these...

  • Throws Mastery
    'Throws Mastery' Set
    By Larry Judge, U.S. Dir. of Coaching for the Throws From the back of the ring to the arm strike, Mastering the Shot Put details a step-by-step teaching progression with beginning, intermediate, and advanced drills and...

  • 100 Meter Hurdle Training and Technique
    100 Meter Hurdle Training and Technique
    by Charles Foster Sprints, hurdles and relays coach at Virginia Tech University, Charles Foster presents an overview of the basic truths and applications to improve an athlete’s performance level in the 100 meter...

  • 101 Pole Vaulting Tips and Drills
    101 Pole Vaulting Tips and Drills
    by James "Zero" Elridge, Kris Allison & Tinker D. Murray This book helps coaches work with beginning, intermediate, and advanced vaulters ages 12 and above to improve their competitive vaulting abilities. The winning...

  • NFHS Track and Field and Cross Country Rules Book
    2018 NFHS Track & Field & Cross Country Rules
    From the National Federation of State High Schools Association, this latest edition includes high school track and field and cross-country competition rules, specifications and national records. Coaches: Don’t be...

  • DV09-1-8
    25 Tips & Drills for Coaching Track & Field
    This series of seven DVDs focusing on coaching techniques as resented by leading college-level sprints, jumps and throws coaches from across the country (2007).   [ Printed Catalog : Page 65...

  • 3 Roll Paper Pack - for Ultrak L10 Multi Lane Timer
    This is the replacement paper for the Ultrak L10 Multi Lane Timer.

  • Accusplit AX602M500
    Accusplit AX602M500
    500 memory Computes/recalls average lap split; dual split 5-year lithium battery [ Printed Catalog : Page 18 ]

  • Accusplit AX705
    Accusplit AX705
    1, 2 Fast Finish XL digits Ultimate lane timer 10-hour timing range 5-year battery life [ Printed Catalog : Page 18...

  • Accusplit AX725
    Accusplit AX725
    16 dual split memory 2-line display - cumulative lap splits 10-hour timing range 5-year lithium battery [ Printed Catalog : Page 18...

  • Accusplit AX740
    Accusplit AX740
    50 dual split memory (lap & cum) 10 hour timing range 1, 2 Fast finish Water, shock resistant 5-year lithium battery [ Printed Catalog : Page 18...

  • Basic Track & Field Biomechanics
    Basic Track & Field Biomechanics (4th Edition)
    By Tom Ecker An essential book for the track and field coach! Employing useful illustrations and photos, Ecker presents the information so that it can be understood by any motivated coach, whether or not he or she has a...

  • Track & Field Fundamentals
    Bill Dellinger's Track & Field Fundamentals
    This comprehensive 12-part series is designed for coaches and athletes who are looking for basic yet essential information regarding skill development. Featuring the legendary University of Oregon Men’s Track &...

  • Building an Explosive Hurdler
    Building An Explosive Hurdler
    by Lawrence Johnson Clemson University’s Director of Track & Field presents a comprehensive approach to hurdle training, starting with strength training, and movement sequences promoting flexibility and range of...

  • Championship Shot Put Techniques
    Championship Shot Put Techniques
    (A.K.A. 'Throw The Distance')By Randy Barnes The current Indoor and Outdoor World Record holder demonstrates his approach to rotational technique in the shotput. His technique is broken down into phases where key concepts...

  • Championship Sprinting
    Championship Sprinting
    By Tom Tellez Featuring one of the most respected track and field coaches in the history of the sport, this title is designed as a resource for coaches looking to enhance the performance level of their sprinters. It reviews...

  • Classic Track & Field Tales
    Classic Track & Field Tales
    by Larry Knuth A GREAT gift idea for your favorite Track & Field fan! A treasure trove of track and field history and humor to entertain your favorite “track nut.” Classic Track & Field Tales contains...

  • Cliff Rovelto's Complete Guide to the High Jump
    Cliff Rovelto's Complete Guide to the High Jump
    The Director of Track & Field at Kansas State Univ., and USATF Master Coach, Jumps, Coach Rovelto delves into the basics of the high jump from laying out the approach, to safe clearance and landing. His instruction...

  • Coaches Guide to Cross Country and Track and Field Training Cycles
    Coaches Guide to Cross Country and Track and Field Training Cycles
    by Monty Steadman This user-friendly resource outlines a comprehensive system for developing a united cross country and track and field program. The emphasis is on a program organized around the efficient utilization of...

  • Coaching Championship Sprint Relays
    Coaching Championship Sprint Relays
    by Clyde Hart Coach Hart returns, showing you how to create great relay teams with average sprinters! Hart teaches—in detail—how to get the baton around the track the fastest AND safest way possible,...