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Coaching and Technique

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  • Robic Stopwatch SC-757W
    Robic Stopwatch SC-757W
    New Item! Multi-mode stopwatch w/ 500 dual split memory recall Dual countdown timers, up or down Interval trainer Water–resistant; Factory warranty [ 2018 Printed Catalog : Page 18...

  • Robic Stopwatch SC-877
    Robic Stopwatch SC-877
    New Item! 180 Dual memory recall w/ total capacity of 1000 times Countdown training timer Use memory anytime, up/down Water–resistant Factory warranty [ Printed Catalog : Page 18...

  • Robic Stopwatch SC-899
    Robic Stopwatch SC-899
    New Item! Triple timer!: Record times for 3 athletes at once. Triple 180 memory recall Up to 540 times Use memory anytime Recall up or down Water–resistant; Factory warranty [ Printed Catalog : Page 18...

  • SWRC - Runners Calculator
    Runners Calculator
    "You set the goal, we set the pace!" says the developer of this handy cross–country and track coaching aid! Quickly and precisely calculate any split needed for workouts, project a runner’s finish time with...

  • Running Anatomy
    Running Anatomy
    In Running Anatomy, detailed four-color anatomical illustrations are combined with text to show step–by–step exercises that convey proper form as well as the link between muscle development and the runner in...

  • Scholastic Distance Markers
    Scholastic Distance Markers
    Ultra–light expanded vinyl markers feature bold 11" digits. These “tent– shaped” placards measure 13" high by 16" wide, and stack for neat storage.   [ Printed Catalog : Page 42...

  • Seiko S149 Printer Watch
    Seiko S149 Printer Watch
    300-Entry Memory Three row LCD display shows place, cumulative and lap times, elapsed running time Fast one-touch 1/100 second splits Includes 2 rolls of paper Unconditional 2-year warranty This item can not be...

  • W701
    Seiko SVAJ701 (S064)
    Store/recall to 300 splits/laps Ability to download times to a PC via interface (sold sep.) Data exportable for Excel Windows compatible, 7 & 8 ONLY [ Printed Catalog : Page 18...

  • Seiko Timer S056
    Seiko Timer S056
    Store/recall to 100 splits/laps Recalls times forward/back Two-row display for split/lap time and total time 3-year battery [ Printed Catalog : Page 18...

  • Short Run/Long Run & Bungee/Bar for Vaulters
    Short Run/Long Run & Bungee/Bar for Vaulters
    Kris Mack presents a system designed to work with all vaulters. This DVD details the advantages of both short and full approaches when practicing, as well as pointing out the benefits of both the bungee and the crossbar as a...

  • Silent Movies - Field Event Drills
    Silent Movies
    Two new DVDs demonstrate that if a picture is worth a thousand words, a silent video clip is priceless! Field Event Drills by Duncan Atwood & Pocket Videos  presents exercises for the long jump, triple jump, pole...

  • Speed Development for Track & Field
    Speed Development for Track & Field
    Coach Hart presents methods he used to coach eight Olympians to 12 medals. In this DVD, he reveals all the tools you need to develop speed–producing sprint mechanics in your athletes, including coaching wisdom,...

  • Sprint 8 Timing System
    Sprint 8 Timing System
    Prints runner's number, time and place Large 32 K internal memory Print results immediately or record and print later 6,000 memory capacity for cross-country and road races Finish buttons on 10' cords allow timing of...

  • Stronger Abs and Back
    Stronger Abs and Back
    By Dean Brittenham and Greg Brittenham Learn how to develop the body’s most important source of energy and support—the core musculature. Featuring 165 exercises and packed with training advice, this illustrated...

  • Stronger Legs and Lower Body
    Stronger Legs and Lower Body
    Focusing on all lower–body muscle groups, especially those previously neglected by popular workouts, this guide features 91 exercises for serious lifters and athletes. With 19 unique programs and ready-to-use workouts,...

  • The Art and Science of Teaching the Pole Vault
    The Art and Science of Teaching the Pole Vault (DVD)
    Pole Vault Aussie Style! Produced by Australian Coach Alan Launder The Art and Science of Teaching the Pole Vault gives coaches and athletes the chance to view, first–hand, one of Coach Launder’s coaching...

  • The Big Throws System
    The Big Throws System
    By Brian Forrester, University of Akron Throws Coach, and Michael Hambrick, Founder, Long Strong West Thrower's CLub Coaches Forrester and Hambrick give you the basis for a solid understanding of both the shot and the...

  • The Hammer Throw Handbook
    The Hammer Throw Handbook
    By Larry Judge and Kevin McGill New Item! This one-of-a-kind, comprehensive handbook for coaching the hammer throw is filled with knowledge gained from first-hand experience and extensive research, presented in a way that...

  • The Pole Vault Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together
    The Pole Vault Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together
    Peter McGinnis details several of the often important issues involving the pole vault—including how to make the event safer—and points out strategies that could be employed to resolve them. (92 min.) [ Printed...

  • The Shot Put Handbook
    The Shot Put Handbook
    by Larry Judge and Mike Young Two of the most respected individuals in track and field share their combined expertise in The Shot Put Handbook. The book is full of easy-to-understand principles and step-by-step teaching...