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  • The BĀSTrainer
    Heads–Up Javelin Throwers! Check it out... The BĀSTrainer ... an innovative tool developed to isolate and train the “base” of the throwing athlete. By enabling the thrower to dramatically increase the...

  • BOSU Balance Trainer
    BOSU Balance Trainer
    The original BOSU Balance Trainer allows you to combine all the elements of fitness— cardiovascular, strength, exercise and flexibility— as you learn to “move dynamically” on BOSU’s...

  • Fitness Bands & Power Loops
    Fitness Bands & Power Loops
    NEW ITEM! Fitness Bands are catching on everywhere athletes seek a versatile stretching aid. Effective for rehab, flexibility and training. Boxed rolls can be cut to length. Boxed or pre–cut bands measure 6" wide...

  • Gym Balls
    Gym Balls
    These burst-resistant balls hold up to 600 lbs. safely. Should the balls become punctured, they are designed to slowly deflate. Develop alignment, stability and flexibility by using these balls to enhance your stretching and...

  • Heavy Ropes
    Heavy Ropes
    SPECIAL CLOSE-OUT PRICING; Get a jump on your training with these solid rubber 9' "jump ropes". They come in 1.5LB - 4.5lb color-differentiated weights. Handles turn smoothly in swivel attachment to reduce wrist and...

  • Speed Rope (A)
    Jump Ropes
    Speed Rope (A) Stainless steel cable encased in plastic Faster rotation w/ precision ball bearings Comes with carry bag for easy storage Leather Rope (B) Leather creates uniform curve of 9' rope while...

  • Power Cords
    Power Cords
    Looking for a versatile device to add resistance to your strength and fitness exercises? “Plug in” to a more effective workout with these tubular devices, color–coded to indicate a range of resistance...

  • PowerMax Weight Vest
    PowerMax Weight Vest
    A stretchable neoprene strap system enables this weight vest to conform to you, while holding soft 1/2 lb. weight packets. Short vest adjusts to 20 lbs.; Long vest, up to 40 lbs. Ask about other options for adding weight to...

  • Resistance Sleds - Belt
    Includes leads that attach to sled. Related products: Resistance Sleds - The Husky Resistance Sleds - Yukon II [ Printed Catalog : Page...

  • Resistance Sleds - Harness
    Includes leads that attach to sled. Related products: Resistance Sleds - The Husky Resistance Sleds - Yukon II [ Printed Catalog : Page 32...

  • Ruggles Block Sled (RS200) - NEW DESIGN!
    Resistance Sleds - Ruggles Block Sled
    NEW DESIGN - tilts skids at an angle - less contact with track for an easier slide A lighter–weight alternative block sled that breaks down for easy storage and transport Ships with a harness that attaches...

  • Sprint Start Sled (RS100)
    Resistance Sleds - Sprint Start Sled
    Allows a sprinter to add resistance weight to the start, enabling a towed Olympic plate to glide over any starting blocks Includes sled, 11' leads and a 3" wide belt, adjustable to a 42" waist with...

  • The Husky (RS02)
    Resistance Sleds - The Husky
    The Husky Accepts Olympic plates (2" port) for added resistance Includes shoulder harness featuring double attachment to sled — a connection to rings on the end of each rail—for a balanced, even run For...

  • Yukon II (RS04)
    Resistance Sleds - Yukon II
    YUKON II  Comes with two posts: one to accept large international plates; and a smaller post to secure small plates Includes sturdy shoulder harness Accommodates a new belt option (RS05 - Resistance Sleds -...

  • ST100
    Stretching Aids
    StretchRite Removes tightness; Increases flexibility Recover from workouts faster Helps prevent injury Increase tension by changing handgrip position Comes with booklet of 20 stretches FitStretch Proven to...