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Dear Friend of OnTrack

Dear Friend of OnTrack

Dear Friend of OnTrack,

I invite you to step into the OnTrack “wayback machine!”

Let’s spin the dial to November, 1978. That was the month I installed a business phone line in my home office, when I stocked a modest supply of equipment in my garage and sold my very first pole vaulting pole—a Pacer III—to one of my former athletes, then coaching at Claremont College in Southern California.

That month, the cover of Track and Field News hailed Steve Ovett as “The New Mile King,” as we were basking in the afterglow of the summer’s NCAA Championships at UCLA’s Drake Stadium. Dan Ripley and Mike Tully had battled it out at the pole vault pit. Legendary throwers Al Feuerbach and Mac Wilkins took first place in the shot and discus, respectively. Evelyn Ashford ran for the tape in the 100 and 200 meters, and Dwight Stones sprang 7' 6-1/2" to win the high jump. It was an exciting time for a former athlete and track coach to be starting an athletic equipment business.

Much has happened since then. OnTrack has moved off my dining room table and into a series of commercial locations, each one larger than the one before. At first, we simply resold equipment, but as time has passed, we have added our own OnTrack brand of standards, hurdles and training aids—known as “OT Originals”—assembled in our Southern California facility. We also contracted with fabricators to produce implements manufactured to our precise specifications, which we market under our own label, and that are available “Only at OnTrack.” Forty years have given us the opportunity to meet some wonderful customers who have become life–long friends. We thank you for being a part of our story, and we look forward to sharing our Experience to help you realize your own Excellence in the year ahead.



Ron Morris

President, OnTrack and Field, Inc.



Ron and Fisher Morris (almost 2!) prepare to test the new 2'6" length
Big Stick, a one–of–a– kind pole vaulting pole for beginnings, now in
development at OnTrack.