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  • Chain Training Hammer by Lexcaliburs
    Chain Training Hammer by Lexcaliburs
    Lexcalibur's patented soft-landing chain hammer returns in its latest incarnation designed to go easy on your field surface. Over-weight/under-weight training enthusiasts will appreciate the extra links - one of 1 lb. and...

  • Extra Lead Pellets (1 lb)
    Extra Lead Pellets (1 lb)
    These Extra Lead Pellets are used with: The Connolly Hammer Trainer 3 Gillett II Adjustable Shots [ Printed Catalog : Page 9, Page 15...

  • DC100 - Gill NCAA Hammer/Discus Cage
    REDESIGNED! 5-Year Warranty Meets NCAA Specifications Available in single ring or double ring design 6063-T6 rolled aluminum poles Doors: Galvanized steel door hinge poles & 7m tall aluminum moveable doors. (Tall...

  • Gillett Training Hammers
    Gillett Training Hammers
    OnTrack Original Since 1990. Iron ball, OnTrack handle* & wire All men´s weights measure 125mm diameter All women´s weights measure 100mm diameter *Want a different handle? Call OnTrack for...

  • Halo Hammers
    Halo Hammers
    OnTrack Original Since 1990. Stainless steel ball, machined and calibrated to exact size and weight Ball bearing swivel, 3mm wire Machined straight aluminum grip Meets all NCAA, USATF & IAAF specs [ Printed...

  • Hammer Gloves
    Hammer Gloves
    OnTrack Original Since 1994. Designed and developed by OnTrack. This registered design provides superior fit and durability. Available in XX-large and small sizes. 2" wide strap wraps around the wrist for secure fit. No...

  • Hammer Handles
    Hammer Handles
    [ Printed Catalog : Page 15 ]

  • Hammer Wires (Halo)
    Hammer Wires (Halo)
    Short, tight wrap; black oxide finish. Great durability. Made in the U.S.A. [ Printed Catalog : Page 15 ]

  • Hammer Wires (On Track)
    Hammer Wires (On Track)
    Easy on/off. Value priced lengths for all weights. Silver zinc-plated (10% off 10 or more wires) [ Printed Catalog : Page 15 ]

  • International Athletics (Stainless) Hammers
    International Athletics (Stainless) Hammers
    Stainless steel ball, lead filled to exact weight Ball bearing swivel, 3mm wire OnTrack handle [ Printed Catalog : Page 14 ]

  • Iron Hammers
    Iron Hammers
    Precision lathe-turned ball Equipped with On Track handle Available in weights for speed/strength training Unbeatable value for training or competition [ Printed Catalog : Page 14...

  • Shot/Hammer Tune-Up Kit
    Shot/Hammer Tune-Up Kit
    A spanner wrench, Allen wrench, and 1 lb. of lead pellets are all you need to keep your hammer or shot just over minimum weight specs for optimum performance.   [ Printed Catalog : Page 15...

  • Spanner Wrench
    Spanner Wrench
    This spanner wrench is used with: Gillett II Adjustable Shots Swivels, Etc. [ Printed Catalog : Page 9, Page 15...

  • Steel Hammers
    Steel Hammers
    Smallest legal diameter available Lathe-turned ball Comes with On Track straight handle (H513S) 4 kg. Cantabrian model painted pink! [ Printed Catalog : Page 14...

  • H900 - Classic Design Swivel
    Swivels, Etc.
    Call 800-697-2999 for advisement prior to ordering swivels. Related product: Spanner Wrench [ Printed Catalog : Page 15...

  • The Connolly Hammer Trainer 3
    The Connolly Hammer Trainer 3
    Only at OnTrack! Developed by THE name in U.S. hammer throwing since the 1950s -Olympic Gold Medalist Harold Connolly - this training hammer comes with lead shot that can be added or removed for progressive training. Now...