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Holiday Gift Ideas

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  • T-Shirt Designer Sian Morgan and her partner Alex Markarian
    LOVE Event T-Shirts
    Express your love for your event with these new T-shirts, brought to you by OnTrack! Presented in soft, springy, light-weight fabrics, each shirt is made to order with a simple stick figure athlete performing your favorite...

  • These are the greatest signs.
    'Heads Up' Caution Signs
    These 18" x 12" white metal signs by Lexcalibur caution “Heads Up or Heads Off”—in the case of the throws—and a variety of other hazards. Male and female versions of the athletic figures make these...

  • EHJM - Javelin, Male
    Event Hats
    Our Event Hats feature male and female vaulters, male and female sprinters, four male thrower designs, a male runner and even a male high jumper, with our new, updated logo stitched above the adjustable...