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Hurdles & Barriers

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  • Foam Hurdle Guards
    Foam Hurdle Guards
    Protect beginning hurdlers from the bumps and bruises of training with this soft foam guard. Slips easily over the gateboard of any hurdle. [ Printed Catalog : Page 47...

  • Form Finder Hurdle
    Form Finder Hurdle
    Guide the hurdler into the proper position, keeping arms close to the body and trail leg under the armpit. Cloth cross–brace attaches via Velcro® for easy break–away. Steel uprights are powder–coated...

  • Gill Collegiate
    Gill Collegiate Hurdle
    Similar to the hurdle at right, the Collegiate offers many features of the National hurdle at a lower price. Sliding weights adjust quickly to give official pullover resistance at all official heights. Adjustable to five...

  • Gill National
    Gill National Hurdle
    Constructed from thick aircraft aluminum. Manually adjustable weight meets official pullover force at each of the five heights. L-shaped design allows hurdles to be neatly stacked using a minimum amount of space. Meets NCAA...

  • Hurdle Silk-Screening
    Hurdle Silk-Screening
    OnTrack will silk screen your hurdle boards with school name to add color and recognition to your home meets. Allow two weeks for printing.   Board Screening (One Color)  Quantity Price  5...

  • OnTrack Fast Lane H.S. Hurdle
    OnTrack Fast Lane High School Hurdle
      The double tube steel base provides: Superior strength and durability  Heli-arc welded, no nuts and bolts to tighten Zinc-plated for long lasting good looks Open approach to the hurdle, no rear crossbar to...

  • K104R - Board, hollow, reinforced
    Replacement Hurdle Boards (Plastic)
    For Board, solid (K106) - Call 800-697-2999 to check for availability [ Printed Catalog : Page 46 ]

  • K271 (Midi Rocker, 33" w, 22"–35" h) , 272 (Maxi Rocker, 35" w, 27"-43" h)
    Rocker Training Hurdle
    Anodized aluminum tubing is bent to create this rocker–style practice hurdle, adjustable to 5 training heights. “Midi” model ranges from 22" to 35", making it great for beginners. “Maxi” model...

  • Scissor Training Hurdle
    Scissor Training Hurdle
    OnTrack Original Since 1998. Teach hurdling safely and easily. Sets up and breaks down in seconds. Hurdle collapses safely upon impact. Adjustable to heights between 13" and 42". Made of 16 gauge tubular steel and includes...

  • Scissor Training Hurdle Replacement Boards (Plastic)
    Scissor Training Hurdle Replacement Boards (Plastic)
    This is the replacement board for the Scissor Training Hurdle.

  • K701 - Single Barrier (4m)
    Steeplechase Barriers
    Featuring a square barrier beam constructed of 4" x 4" steel tubing covered with synthetic track material, this Steeplechase Barrier conforms to all IAAF and NCAA specifications. Its powder–coated base legs have...