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Performance Indicators & Cones

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  • Cones
    Flexible vinyl cones. Easy to stack, carry and store. Order 24 or more and subtract 10% from your Cones purchase.  [ Printed Catalog : Page 42...

  • Distance Markers Spikes
    Distance Markers Spikes
    For throwing events and jumping events. Made of steel and painted black, can be numbered and used in throwing events. And can also be used as runway markers for the long jump, triple jump and pole vault.   [ Printed...

  • Lane Markers
    Lane Markers
    Sturdy, yet lightweight lane markers make stacking and transporting a snap. Three–sided, high–contrast design attracts attention on the track and from the stands. These markers stand 28" high. **Custom graphics...

  • Performance Indicators & Lap Counters
    Performance Indicators & Lap Counters
    Large 9" louvered digital number units— available in either black or red—are easy to see. Heavy, solid steel base and open– construction of frame makes for the most tip–resistant choice for windy...

  • Scholastic Distance Markers
    Scholastic Distance Markers
    Ultra–light expanded vinyl markers feature bold 11" digits. These “tent– shaped” placards measure 13" high by 16" wide, and stack for neat storage.   [ Printed Catalog : Page 42...

  • Utility Wagon
    Utility Wagon
    Track equipment can be a chore to lug around. Conserve your energy for the important stuff— consider this sturdy utility wagon to corral and shuttle your gear from the track shed to the field. With fold–down...