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Pole Vault

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  • Altius
    Altius poles have been a reasonably–priced, solid performer since 1990. Under the leadership of pole vault FPO coach Jeff Erickson, Altius vaulting poles have become popular with the high school, college and club...

  • Big Stick
    Big Stick
    Only at OnTrack! BIG STICK POLES were created with the high school vaulter in mind. This pole's unique design allows the beginning vaulter more time to get into position. Item # Pole Tip Length Test Weight (lbs...

  • ESSX Recoil Advanced
    ESSX Recoil Advanced
    Constructed of lighter and stronger composites used to enhance durability, the Recoil Advanced is a great choice for the vaulter jumping at or above their handgrip. This pole is designed to return with more power as the...

  • ESSX Recoil Power-X
    ESSX Recoil Power-X
    Engineered with the same technology and precision as the ESSX Recoil line, the Recoil Power-X incorporates layers of composite materials and smaller diameters to meet the needs of the beginning vaulter. New Look - The ESSX...

  • PVM4 : Gill AGX M4
    Gill Pole Vault Landing Systems
    CALL WITH YOUR REQUIREMENTS FOR BEST PRICE —800-697-2999 The company started by Coach Harry Gill celebrates 100 years with a brand new line of landing systems!      ALL–VINYL BASE UNITS: Gill...

  • Grip Tape, Chalk & Sprays
    Grip Tape, Chalk & Sprays
    WHITE GRIP TAPE, CHALK & SPRAYS When it comes to getting a grip, consider a classic—Cramer white athletic tape. For the vaulter who likes it sticky, we have Firm Grip® spray. Like dry control? Try...

  • PVAHR - HandiRack Inflatable Roof Rack
    HandiRackā„¢ Inflatable Roof Rack
    Transport your vaulting poles and javelin tubes with this inflatable roof rack. Composed of two sets of twin cylinders, webbing tie–downs, D–ring anchor points, an air pump and travel bag—the system...

  • Ninja Elite Pole Vault Grip Tape
    Ninja Elite Pole Vault Grip Tape
    Thousands of gripping “fingers” offer a slip–resistant, vibration dampening hold, without the need for any additional “sticky stuff.” Grip lighter, yet tighter, and experience more...

  • Pacer FX
    Pacer FX
    A new generation of Pacer so advanced and durable, the manufacturer offers a one year warranty on the PacerFXV. Item # Pole Tip Length Test Weight (lbs.) Price P090 P091 P092 P093 P094 21 21 21 18 18 12'...

  • Pacer Mystic
    Pacer Mystic
    Engineered for the female vaulter with a small grip diameter and a lower sail piece. Carbon models cater to more advanced women vaulters. Please note: Mystic poles are soon to be discontinued, however some lengths/weights...

  • Pacer One
    Pacer One
    Pacer One poles are the latest Pacer line crafted from the industry’s strongest fiberglass, offering an economical, versatile option for the beginning to intermediate athlete. Item Number Pole Tip Length Test...

  • PP100, PP101, PP106, PP110, PP105, PP102, PP107
    Pole Plugs
    *Call to assure exact sizing - Please specify pole size and brand when ordering all plugs. [Printed Catalog : Page 3]

  • Pole Protector
    Pole Protector
    Protect the vulnerable part of the pole that contacts the back of the box with the hard shell Pole Protector. One–size–fits–all. [Printed Catalog : Page...

  • PVA1 : OnTrack Slide Box
    Pole Vault Slide Boxes
    OnTrack Original Since 1998. Use these great slide boxes indoors or out for fast development of the most crucial part of the vault—the RUN and PLANT. OnTrack's lightweight FIBERGLASS SLIDE BOX is reinforced for years...

  • Learn what it feels like to "get inverted" while the trainer simulates the sensation of the pole bend.
An effective way for a coach to train an athlete to wait until the time/feel is right, rather than rushing to pull too soon with his/her arms.
*    Available in regular (athletes 160 lbs. and under) and heavy (160 lbs+) test strengths.
*    Includes all connections to attach to a stationary overhead mounting, and instructions for proper use.
    Pole Vault Trainer
    Learn what it feels like to “get inverted” while the trainer simulates the sensation of the pole bend. An effective way for a coach to train an athlete to wait until the time/feel is right, rather than rushing to...

  • Skypole
    Skypole - a popular pole among high school athletes, with a long history of vaulting success. Please note: Skypoles are soon to be discontinued, however some lengths/weights may still be available for purchase. Please check...

  • UCS Spirit
    UCS Spirit
    SPIRIT POLES were established in 1987, winning the NCAA Championships that very first year. Since then, UCS/Spirit vaulting poles have established an unsurpassed history of dominating performance and results at all...

  • Vault Pulley Trainer
    Vault Pulley Trainer
    This vault trainer employs a unique pulley system, allowing the athlete to coordinate grip and pole position while rotating around the pole. Strengthens muscle groups for effective push-off. May be hung safely from goal...