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  • Pacer One
    Pacer One
    Pacer One poles are the latest Pacer line crafted from the industry’s strongest fiberglass, offering an economical, versatile option for the beginning to intermediate athlete. Item Number Pole...

  • Pacer 800 gram rubber-tipped javalins
    Pacer Rubber-Tipped Javelins
    Constructed with aluminum shaft, steel tip Flex characteristics indicated   800 GRAM (Rubber-Tipped) Item # Description Price J315RT Litania® RT (50m, 8.7 Flex) $357 J300RT Astro...

  • LFRWB (Red/White/Blue)
    Pennant Strings
    9" x 12" poly flags, double sewn on plastic-covered hi-strength sag-resistant nablon, 120' long — 20% more length than our competitors! Great for marking cross-country courses and track infields. Your choice of colors...

  • Performance Indicators & Lap Counters
    Performance Indicators & Lap Counters
    Large 9" louvered digital number units— available in either black or red—are easy to see. Heavy, solid steel base and open– construction of frame makes for the most tip–resistant choice for windy...

  • PV204 - Perimeter Pad
    Perimeter Pads (yellow)
    Place perimeter pads around the pit to protect vaulters and high jumpers from landing on hard surfaces surrounding landing systems. Measuring 4' x 8', these pads are made of 2” high-density foam encased in vinyl. H.S...

  • Pit Cover
    Pit Covers
    These sturdy covers—constructed of vinyl-coated woven polyester—will help keep your landing areas dry and clean when they are not in use. Landing System Weather Covers are designed to fit all models of...

  • Pit Repair Kit
    Pit Repair Kit
    Maintain your pit to enhance its long life. Kit includes adhesive, mesh and vinyl for patching royal blue landing systems. [ Printed Catalog : Page 54 ]

  • Quick-Step : K804 18" / K800 12" / K801 6"
    Plyo Hurdles : Quick-Step
    Quick-Step Enhance speed, agility and power, work on plyometrics, lateral strength and hurdle basics with Quick–Step Plyo Hurdles. Available in 6", 12" and 18" sizes, these lightweight training hurdles are of durable...

  • Plyometrics
    by Don Chu and Gregory, PhDPT, and Gregory D. Myer, PhD The latest research and application of plyometrics for athletic performance and injury prevention and rehabilitation, Plyometrics includes exercises and drills to...

  • Pocket Videos
    Pocket Videos
    View technique of the top U.S. high school athletes quickly and easily on the field or anytime Contain sequence color images (and commentary) depicting a variety of events, held together with a durable binding Limited...

  • PP100, PP101, PP106, PP110, PP105, PP102, PP107
    Pole Plugs
    *Call to assure exact sizing - Please specify pole size and brand when ordering all plugs. [Printed Catalog : Page 3]

  • Pole Protector
    Pole Protector
    Protect the vulnerable part of the pole that contacts the back of the box with the hard shell Pole Protector. One–size–fits–all. [Printed Catalog : Page...

  • Pole Vault DVDs
    Pole Vault DVDs
    featuring Dave Nielsen Idaho State University Head Track Coach and nationally– renowned pole vault expert Dave Nielsen shares secrets to his coaching success. Pole Vault Fundamentals & Techniques presents an...

  • Pole Vault Extensions (sold in a pair)
    Pole Vault Extensions, pair
    Allows the bar to be placed as much as 3' lower than the bottom height of most standards (at 1' increments). Improved design features a Velcro stabilizer strap. Five–year guarantee under normal use! Designed by...

  • PVA1 : OnTrack Slide Box
    Pole Vault Slide Box
    OnTrack Original Since 1998. Use these great slide boxes indoors or out for fast development of the most crucial part of the vault—the RUN and PLANT. OnTrack's lightweight FIBERGLASS SLIDE BOX is reinforced for years...

  • The Swing-Up Rack hangs from a strong, stable horizontal bar.
    Pole Vault Swing-Up Rack
    The Swing-Up Rack helps the pole vaulter build strength to invert, while providing a template to keep the athlete's shoulders forward in the position necessary to develop the proper technique. Hang this training appliance...

  • Pole-Vault Training: Elements for All Levels
    Pole-Vault Training: Elements for All Levels
    By Vitali Petrov & Vincenzo Canali At 111 pages, this concise title is packed with valuable photographs demonstrating exercises designed to incorporate postural basics and gymnastics training into the vault. Presented...

  • PC725 - Portable Pole Rack
    Portable Pole Rack
    Constructed of powder coated heavy–duty steel, this free standing pole rack provides the elevation to help protect your poles on the field. Item # Description Price PC725 Portable Pole Rack $175...

  • Power Cords
    Power Cords
    Looking for a versatile device to add resistance to your strength and fitness exercises? “Plug in” to a more effective workout with these tubular devices, color–coded to indicate a range of resistance...

  • Power Eating
    Power Eating
    Need to gain muscle while cutting fat? Follow the #1 plan for athletes, strength trainers and body- builders. Written by a consultant to the NBA, NFL and world-class bodybuilders, Power Eating contains the latest scientific...