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  • Steel Spikes - Pyramid Spikes
    Steel Spikes - Pyramid Spikes
    Call : 800-697-2999 to order 10 or more bags of steel spikes (any size combo, except for E105, E106, E107, E111) and price drops to $9.50 per bag! [ Printed Catalog : Page 25...

  • K701 - Single Barrier (4m)
    Steeplechase Barriers
    Featuring a square barrier beam constructed of 4" x 4" steel tubing covered with synthetic track material, this Steeplechase Barrier conforms to all IAAF and NCAA specifications. Its powder–coated base legs have...

  • Sticky-Discus
    This hard rubber discus features an adjustable nylon strap to help young throwers get the feel of "keeping their edge." [ Printed Catalog : Page 17 ]

  • ST100
    Stretching Aids
    StretchRite Removes tightness; Increases flexibility Recover from workouts faster Helps prevent injury Increase tension by changing handgrip position Comes with booklet of 20 stretches FitStretch Proven to...

  • Stronger Abs and Back
    Stronger Abs and Back
    By Dean Brittenham and Greg Brittenham Learn how to develop the body’s most important source of energy and support—the core musculature. Featuring 165 exercises and packed with training advice, this illustrated...

  • Stronger Legs and Lower Body
    Stronger Legs and Lower Body
    Focusing on all lower–body muscle groups, especially those previously neglected by popular workouts, this guide features 91 exercises for serious lifters and athletes. With 19 unique programs and ready-to-use workouts,...

  • Super Jav Case
    Super Jav Case
    OnTrack Original Since 1988. The ultimate in javelin protection, our Super Jav Case is constructed using rugged ABS plastic and is adjustable for 600gr. and 800gr. javelins. Holds 5 men’s or 7 women’s javelins...

  • H900 - Classic Design Swivel
    Swivels, Etc.
    Call 800-697-2999 for advisement prior to ordering swivels. Related product: Spanner Wrench [ Printed Catalog : Page 15...

  • T435S - NCAA Adjust. Alum. Take-Off Board System —Composite Board
    TAKE-OFF BOARD SYSTEMS - Aluminum Systems
    Adjustable System Meets NCAA/H.S. spec; IAAF version available Includes installation tray, adjustable folding aluminum base, reversible take-off & foul boards, and blanking lid Can be easily leveled and locked in...

  • TC-Timer Systems
    TC-Timer Systems
    TC–Timer System is a wireless timing device that enables athletes and coaches to measure time, speed, count repetitions, input test data and save it all in the TC-Timer memory. The TC system can send radio...

  • The Art and Science of Teaching the Pole Vault
    The Art and Science of Teaching the Pole Vault (DVD)
    Pole Vault Aussie Style! Produced by Australian Coach Alan Launder The Art and Science of Teaching the Pole Vault gives coaches and athletes the chance to view, first–hand, one of Coach Launder’s coaching...

  • The Big Throws System
    The Big Throws System
    By Brian Forrester, University of Akron Throws Coach, and Michael Hambrick, Founder, Long Strong West Thrower's CLub Coaches Forrester and Hambrick give you the basis for a solid understanding of both the shot and the...

  • The Connolly Hammer Trainer 3
    The Connolly Hammer Trainer 3
    Only at OnTrack! Developed by THE name in U.S. hammer throwing since the 1950s -Olympic Gold Medalist Harold Connolly - this training hammer comes with lead shot that can be added or removed for progressive training. Now...

  • The Cyclone
    The Cyclone
    Only at OnTrack! Low spin - less than 70% rim weight Great for beginners, intermediates Get several at these prices! [ Printed Catalog : Page 11...

  • The Great Rake
    The Great Rake
    Double-sided rake has 3" long teeth on one side for raking, and the other side is a 3" deep straight edge for leveling Measures 36" wide [ Printed Catalog : Page 40...

  • The Hammer Throw Handbook
    The Hammer Throw Handbook
    By Larry Judge and Kevin McGill New Item! This one-of-a-kind, comprehensive handbook for coaching the hammer throw is filled with knowledge gained from first-hand experience and extensive research, presented in a way that...

  • The Measure Stick
    The Measure Stick
    New Item! Here’s a way to measure accurate heights in the pole vault without having to climb a ladder! Measures performances from 4'9" to 20'3", both English & metric Four telescoping aluminum segments extend...

  • The Pole Vault Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together
    The Pole Vault Puzzle: Putting the Pieces Together
    Peter McGinnis details several of the often important issues involving the pole vault—including how to make the event safer—and points out strategies that could be employed to resolve them. (92 min.) *Limited...

  • The Puter-Upper in action
    The Puter-Upper
    OnTrack Original Since 1992 U-shaped, machined head Outside cam adjusts telescoping handle for easy crossbar placement A MUST for all schools! Related Product: Ez-Up X-Bar Placer   [ Printed Catalog : Page 55...

  • The Shot Put Handbook
    The Shot Put Handbook
    by Larry Judge and Mike Young Two of the most respected individuals in track and field share their combined expertise in The Shot Put Handbook. The book is full of easy-to-understand principles and step-by-step teaching...