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  • Crossbars
    Competition Crossbars
    Item # Description Price X101 Big Stick High Jump Bar* (13'1") $67.00 X102 Big Stick Pole Vault Bar* (14'10'') $73.00 X103 Spirit High Jump Bar* (16') $98.00 X104 Spirit Pole...

  • Complete Book of Throws - By Jay Sylvester
    Complete Book of Throws - By Jay Sylvester
    Jay Sylvester, four-time Olympian and six-time discus world record holder, presents techniques and conditioning programs used by many of the best athletes in the shot put (glide & rotation), discus, javelin and hammer...

  • DV08-3
    Conditioning DVDs
    Whether a track and field athlete, or a player of organized team sports, here are two DVDs from Human Kinetics that provide a great foundation for your instructional video library:  FLEXIBILITY FOR SPORTS PERFORMANCE ...

  • Cones
    Flexible vinyl cones. Easy to stack, carry and store. Order 24 or more and subtract 10% from your Cones purchase.  [ Printed Catalog : Page 42...

  • CC100 - Complete Cross Country Kit
    Cross Country Course Kit
    Complete kit includes 24 chute posts, 2 x 110' lengths of chute rope with multi–colored pennants, 9 directional flags (3 x red, 3 x yellow, 3 x blue) and 9 directional posts. Finish line banner sold separately...

  • Cross-over, Jacket / Pant
    Cross-Over, Jacket / Pant
     Macleem uniforms for track and field! Made–to–order, using a combination of color block fabric construction and sublimation printing, Macleem creates graphic statements unique to your team’s colors...

  • Curb Markers
    Curb Markers
    Engraved hard plastic plates will allow you to mark your track’s curb for 100m, 100m hurdles (girls), 110m hurdles (boys), 300m Intermediate hurdles, Exceleration/exchange zones (relays), 200m, 400m, 1600m & 3200m...

  • Daniels' Running Formula 3rd Edition
    Daniels' Running Formula 3rd Edition
    By Jack Daniels, PhD From the 800m to the marathon, get in the best shape of your running career with this scientifically–based training method presented by premier running coach Jack Daniels. Let his proven VDOT...

  • Men's Determination Jacket (229192)
    Determination Jacket / Pullover / Pant
    Agil-Knit™ 100% Polyester brushed tricot w/ peached finish. Value-priced solution for teams on a budget. Jacket Dual inside pockets. Banded cuff and hem. 229142 Men's ( Sizes : S - 3XL ) 229342 Women's (Sizes XS -...

  • Digital Scale
    Digital Scale
    Weighs up to 55 lbs. [ Printed Catalog : Page 39 ]

  • Discus (High Spin)
    Discus (High Spin)
    Only at OnTrack! A solid performer offered at school-friendly prices! 80% rim weight Polymer side plates Limited 2-year warranty [ Printed Catalog : Page 10...

  • Discus (Low Spin)
    Discus (Low Spin)
    Only at OnTrack! A solid performer offered at school-friendly prices! 70% rim weight Meets all legal specs Limited 2-year warranty [ Printed Catalog : Page 10...

  • Discus: Wilkins vs. Powell: A Comparative Study
    Discus: Wilkins vs. Powell: A Comparative Study
    By Ernie Bullard & Larry Knuth One of the most colorful rivalries of track and field history is broken down into a comparative analysis of the discus techniques and training philosophies of 4–time Olympian John...

  • Distance Markers Spikes
    Distance Markers Spikes
    For throwing events and jumping events. Made of steel and painted black, can be numbered and used in throwing events. And can also be used as runway markers for the long jump, triple jump and pole vault.   [ Printed...

  • Drill Ladder
    Drill Ladder
    Develop agility and acceleration with this adjustable ladder. Constructed of flat plastic “rungs” that slide along two lengths of woven nylon webbing to a desired step interval, this is the most versatile ladder...

  • Eagle Eye Pro Timing
    Eagle Eye Pro Timing
      EAGLE EYE DIGITAL VIDEO Presents an Industry Revolution! The All New PRO 3000 SYSTEM, featuring Dual Imaging! For more, detailed information and demos, we invite you to visit www.eagleeyedv.com! Eagle Eye Pro...

  • EESD - Scrolling LED Display
    Eagle Eye Timing Accessories
    In addition to the packages Eagle Eye Pro Timing  Eagle Eye offers unique products to enhance the timing process. Click here to buy Universal .32 Starting Shells. [ Printed Catalog : Page 20...

    Engineers at ESSX went back to the drawing board and re-designed their 100% fiberglass poles, applying the same logic and progression strategies used to create their carbon poles.  The RESULT: A smoother eventual...

  • ESSX Recoil Advanced
    ESSX Recoil Advanced
    The Recoil Advanced pole strives to be the most vaulter-friendly pole on the market.  Input from beginning to Olympic level vaulters was used by UST's team of material and structural engineers to enhance performance...

  • EHJM - Javelin, Male
    Event Hats
    Our Event Hats feature male and female vaulters, male and female sprinters, four male thrower designs, a male runner and even a male high jumper, with our new, updated logo stitched above the adjustable...