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  • EESD - Scrolling LED Display
    Eagle Eye Timing Accessories
    In addition to the packages Eagle Eye Pro Timing and Eagle Eye RFID Timing, Eagle Eye offers unique products to enhance the timing process. Click here to buy Pyro Bright .32 Universal Starting Shells. [ Printed...

    Engineers at ESSX went back to the drawing board and re-designed their 100% fiberglass poles, applying the same logic and progression strategies used to create their carbon poles.  The RESULT: A smoother eventual...

  • ESSX Recoil Advanced
    ESSX Recoil Advanced
    The Recoil Advanced pole strives to be the most vaulter-friendly pole on the market.  Input from beginning to Olympic level vaulters was used by UST's team of material and structural engineers to enhance performance...

  • EHJM - Javelin, Male
    Event Hats
    Our Event Hats feature male and female vaulters, male and female sprinters, four male thrower designs, a male runner and even a male high jumper, with our new, updated logo stitched above the adjustable...

  • Q118
    Event Shirts
    These 100% cotton T-shirts are uniquely illustrated by graphic designer/high jumper Ken Burke. Event shirts make great awards for meet champions or your athlete of the week! These “retiring designs” will be in...

  • Extra Lead Pellets (1 lb)
    Extra Lead Pellets (1 lb)
    These Extra Lead Pellets are used with: The Connolly Hammer Trainer 3 Gillett II Adjustable Shots [ Printed Catalog : Page 9, Page 15...

  • EZ-Up Crossbar Placer - Every vaulter should have one of these in his or her bag!
    Ez-Up Crossbar Placer
    Velcros firmly to any handy pole Extremely portable—toss into any bag! Flexible material covering “fork” makes grabbing crossbar a snap Every vaulter should have one of these in his or her...

  • FL200
    Field Liners
    Paint Markers Aerosol paint applicator lays down crisp, sharp lines in widths 2"–4" Carries 12 extra paint cans 10" wheels Chalk Markers Fingertip control Heavy-duty 20 gauge steel construction Rubber...

  • Field Paint - in aerosol can.
    Field Paint - White
    Oil–based paint gives one–coat coverage. White field paint comes in 18 oz. aerosol cans. Call 800-697-2999 for prices for other color options and case(12 cans) quantity pricing. Compatible with paint liner...

  • Field Paint - White (12-can case)
    Field Paint - White (12-can case)
    Oil–based paint gives one–coat coverage. White field paint comes in 18 oz. aerosol cans. Call 800-697-2999 for prices for other color options and case (12 cans) quantity pricing. Compatible with paint liner...

  • FW510 - Super Field Wagon (5' x 10')
    Field Wagon & Pit Carts
    All-purpose aluminum Super Field Wagon features a rotating front axle to move flights of hurdles and field equipment, while the Aluminum and Wood Deck Pit Carts are perfect for transporting landing system base units on 12"...

  • Finish Posts
    Finish Posts & Line Tape
    Leave no doubt of the ultimate goal. These heavy- duty steel posts are mounted on folded square, wheeled bases. Large, bold letters provide a a high contrast finish line marker. Even with photo finish timing, there is...

  • FINISHLYNX Timing Systems
    FINISHLYNX Timing Systems
    With packages ranging in price from under $5,000 to $25,000, FinishLynx offers complete automatic timing systems to meet nearly every need. All packages... Offer a complete photofinish and timing solution for your track...

  • Fitness Bands & Power Loops
    Fitness Bands & Power Loops
    NEW ITEM! Fitness Bands are catching on everywhere athletes seek a versatile stretching aid. Effective for rehab, flexibility and training. Boxed rolls can be cut to length. Boxed or pre–cut bands measure 6" wide...

  • FITness FLEXER
    FITness FLEXER
    Only at OnTrack! Incorporates the features of BOTH the original FITness FLEXER and the previously- available LATERAL FITness FLEXER! Develop speed and quickness by selecting one of the three resistance bands provided in...

  • FlashTiming FT-FAT60
    FlashTiming FT-FAT Systems
    FlashTiming offers true innovation in fully automated timing systems at an affordable cost—without sacrificing all–important accuracy! FlashTiming’s FT-FAT products include intelligent radio–linked...

  • Flexi-Disc (0.5 kg)
    Flexi-Disc (0.5 kg)
    Great for introducing beginning throwers to the discus, the Flexi-Disc is constructed of soft flexible plastic making it a safe, lightweight training implement. [ Printed Catalog : Page 17...

  • Flexible Throwing Balls
    Flexible Throwing Balls
    Super-tough Hytrell shell is flexible and does not lose its shape. Great for indoor use. Will not mark floors. Ideal for overweight discus and javelin exercises. (not recommended for throwing against hard surfaces at close...

  • Foot Flexr
    Foot Flexr
    The original Foot Flexr keeps your foot in the proper position for increased speed and turnover. Nylon padded cuffs wrap securely around ankles with Velcro. Vertical strap (with the added adjustability of a cam buckle)...

  • Form Finder Hurdle
    Form Finder Hurdle
    Guide the hurdler into the proper position, keeping arms close to the body and trail leg under the armpit. Cloth cross–brace attaches via Velcro® for easy break–away. Steel uprights are powder–coated...