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Speed Training Equipment

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  • Bullet Belt
    Bullet Belt
    The Bullet Belt is a versatile resistance device that develops explosiveness. Coach is able to control the amount of resistance depending on which phase the athlete is developing. Resistance is dictated by coach holding the...

  • Drill Ladder
    Drill Ladder
    Develop agility and acceleration with this adjustable ladder. Constructed of flat plastic “rungs” that slide along two lengths of woven nylon webbing to a desired step interval, this is the most versatile ladder...

  • FITness FLEXER
    FITness FLEXER
    Only at OnTrack! Incorporates the features of BOTH the original FITness FLEXER and the previously- available LATERAL FITness FLEXER! Develop speed and quickness by selecting one of the three resistance bands provided in...

  • Foot Flexr
    Foot Flexr
    The original Foot Flexr keeps your foot in the proper position for increased speed and turnover. Nylon padded cuffs wrap securely around ankles with Velcro. Vertical strap (with the added adjustability of a cam buckle)...

  • Singleman Overspeed Trainer
    More Overspeed Trainers
    Patented Slastix technology is put through its paces in these two overspeed training applications. Increase speed and lengthen your stride with the Doubleman Overspeed Trainer. This trainer links a pair of runners with a 20'...

  • Overspeed Trainer
    Overspeed Trainers
    This unique training device employs a pulley system attached to an anchor point along the track. For every step the front runner takes, the trailing runner must take two. Perfect for overspeed training, resistance training,...

  • Power Chute
    Sports Chutes
    Running Sport Chute will help develop speed, strength and muscular endurance. This chute has 4 heavier lines that have less of a chance of getting tangled. Chutes come with a quick release belt. 5 or more Running Chutes -...

  • Dual Resistance Belt (TH300)
    Training Harnesses and Belts
    Presenting three training devices where resistance is provided by a partner. The Training Harness and Training Belt (not shown)are designed to give a coach or training buddy control over the athlete's level of required...