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Strength Training Equipment

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  • Body Weight Vest (WV100)
    Body Weight Vest with 21 lbs
    A great aid in over–weight training, this affordable nylon canvas vest features pockets to hold 15 plastic-encased weights of 600 grams each — for a total of 21 lbs. Wear it when you run stairs and drills, and...

  • DBFR, Foam Roller, 24" (Blue)
    Speed relief after your workout with a do–it–yourself massage from our 18" (red) or 24" (blue) Foam Roller. These versatile items can also be used as stretching aids, as well as appliances for use in developing...

  • The Stick
    The Stick
    Don’t have access to your own personal massage therapist? Speed the recovery process by rolling the lactic acid out of your muscles yourself! Stock your training area with the 24" model and stash the 18-1/2" travel...