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Throwing Weights

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An event historically contested by participants in highland games celebrating Celtic and Scottish culture, the weight throw is quickly growing in popularity, especially among masters athletes engaged in age–group competition.


Regular Throwing Weight Categories

Women H.S. to 49: 20 lbs.;
Women 50–59: 16 lbs.;
Women 60–74: 12 lbs.;
Women 75+: 4 kg.

Men H.S.: 25 lbs.
Men College to 49: 35 lbs.
Men 50–59: 25 lbs.
Men 60–69: 20 lbs.
Men 70–79: 16 lbs.
Men 80+: 12 lbs.

Men’s Super Weight Throw Categories

Men to 59: 56 lbs.
Men 60+: 44 lbs.

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    Orbiter Indoor Throwing Weight
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    Throwing Weights
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