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Timing & Displays

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  • BLE-112
    Freelap Timing Systems
    New Item! Introducing, Freelap, an easy– to–use, fully automated wireless timing system. In less than a minute, set up to time  fly–in sprints, splits, block starts, laps, etc. Unlike photocell timing...

  • RACECLOCK by Electro-Numerics
    RACECLOCK by Electro-Numerics
    Available in bright LED light read–out Counts up/down, displays splits, finish time, etc. in hours, minutes, seconds & hundredths 6" digits visible to 240'; 4" & 9" models also available upon...

  • TC-Timer Systems
    TC-Timer Systems
    TC–Timer System is a wireless timing device that enables athletes and coaches to measure time, speed, count repetitions, input test data and save it all in the TC-Timer memory. The TC system can send radio...

  • Ultrak T-100 Model Display Timer
    Ultrak T-100 Model Display Timer
    4" LCD digits controllable Radio frequency remote control timer Viewable from distance of 150 feet Runs on 4 D-batteries - No cords required Programmable count-up/down time to of 9 hrs., 59 min. 59 sec...

  • Ultrak T–150 LED Display Timer
    Ultrak T–150 LED Display Timer
    Six–digit LED count–up/count–down display timer Firstfourextra–largeLEDdigitsare8-1/4” Timer operated by buttons on side of unit and via wireless remote (included) Time range: 99 hrs., 59...