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Training and Conditioning

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  • Aqua Jogger Classic
    Aqua Jogger Classic
    Water supports your weight for low imapct exercise Ideal for supplemental training and injury rehabilitation Made of soft flexible premium EVA foam FREE “Getting Started” DVD and workout guide...

  • Aqua Jogger Hitch
    Aqua Jogger Hitch
    Five foot tether keeps you stationary in the pool Increases resistance/intensity while conserving pool space [ Printed Catalog : Page 37 ]

  • Aqua Jogger Pro
    Aqua Jogger Pro
    Favorite of athletes 30% more buoyancy Constructed of 3/8" thicker EVA foam Ideal for people with dense muscles or less body fat FREE 23 min. DVD "Getting Started" and workout guide included Order 5 or more ($56...

  • The BĀSTrainer
    Heads–Up Javelin Throwers! Check it out... The BĀSTrainer ... an innovative tool developed to isolate and train the “base” of the throwing athlete. By enabling the thrower to dramatically increase the...

  • Body Weight Vest (WV100)
    Body Weight Vest with 21 lbs
    A great aid in over–weight training, this affordable nylon canvas vest features pockets to hold 15 plastic-encased weights of 600 grams each — for a total of 21 lbs. Wear it when you run stairs and drills, and...

  • BOSU Balance Trainer
    BOSU Balance Trainer
    The original BOSU Balance Trainer allows you to combine all the elements of fitness— cardiovascular, strength, exercise and flexibility— as you learn to “move dynamically” on BOSU’s...

  • Bullet Belt
    Bullet Belt
    The Bullet Belt is a versatile resistance device that develops explosiveness. Coach is able to control the amount of resistance depending on which phase the athlete is developing. Resistance is dictated by coach holding the...

  • Drill Ladder
    Drill Ladder
    Develop agility and acceleration with this adjustable ladder. Constructed of flat plastic “rungs” that slide along two lengths of woven nylon webbing to a desired step interval, this is the most versatile ladder...

  • Fitness Bands & Power Loops
    Fitness Bands & Power Loops
    NEW ITEM! Fitness Bands are catching on everywhere athletes seek a versatile stretching aid. Effective for rehab, flexibility and training. Boxed rolls can be cut to length. Boxed or pre–cut bands measure 6" wide...

  • FITness FLEXER
    FITness FLEXER
    Only at OnTrack! Incorporates the features of BOTH the original FITness FLEXER and the previously- available LATERAL FITness FLEXER! Develop speed and quickness by selecting one of the three resistance bands provided in...

  • Flexible Throwing Balls
    Flexible Throwing Balls
    Super-tough Hytrell shell is flexible and does not lose its shape. Great for indoor use. Will not mark floors. Ideal for overweight discus and javelin exercises. (not recommended for throwing against hard surfaces at close...

  • Foot Flexr
    Foot Flexr
    The original Foot Flexr keeps your foot in the proper position for increased speed and turnover. Nylon padded cuffs wrap securely around ankles with Velcro. Vertical strap (with the added adjustability of a cam buckle)...

  • Grip Ball
    Grip Ball
    Built-in handle allows a variety of strength and flexibility exercises to be performed indoors or out. Specific technique drills for discus and javelin can be enhanced with the use of the 8" diameter Grip Ball. (Color may...

  • Gym Balls
    Gym Balls
    These burst-resistant balls hold up to 600 lbs. safely. Should the balls become punctured, they are designed to slowly deflate. Develop alignment, stability and flexibility by using these balls to enhance your stretching and...

  • Heavy Ropes
    Heavy Ropes
    SPECIAL CLOSE-OUT PRICING; Get a jump on your training with these solid rubber 9' "jump ropes". They come in 1.5LB - 4.5lb color-differentiated weights. Handles turn smoothly in swivel attachment to reduce wrist and...

  • Iron Throwing Balls
    Iron Throwing Balls
    [ Printed Catalog : Page 36 ]

  • Javelin Knockenballs
    Javelin Knockenballs
    The "knockenball" originated in Finland, the country that practically owns the javelin event! The knob design allows simulation of the javelin grip. Knockenballs can be thrown indoors, against padded walls, or into a net for...

  • Speed Rope (A)
    Jump Ropes
    Speed Rope (A) Stainless steel cable encased in plastic Faster rotation w/ precision ball bearings Comes with carry bag for easy storage Leather Rope (B) Leather creates uniform curve of 9' rope while...

  • Kettlebells
    These increasingly popular cast iron weights are manufactured in a variety of sizes for sport–specific resistance training not easily achieved with any other type of weight implement. Call 800-697-2999 and inquire...

  • Medicine balls
    Medicine Balls
    Medicine balls allow you to do specialized exercises that develop specific strength, coordination and technique applicable over a variety of events and sports. [ Printed Catalog : Page 36...