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Training Implements

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  • Flexi-Disc (0.5 kg)
    Flexi-Disc (0.5 kg)
    Great for introducing beginning throwers to the discus, the Flexi-Disc is constructed of soft flexible plastic making it a safe, lightweight training implement. [ Printed Catalog : Page 17...

  • Lexcalibur's Chain Discus Trainer
    Lexcalibur's Chain Discus Trainer
    Now discus throwers can join the “chain gang”, too! Lexcalibur has applied their “soft landing” chain concept to this new discus training system. Each implement comes with one 1 lb. removable weight...

  • Orbiter Indoor Throwing Weight
    Orbiter Indoor Throwing Weight
    New Item! The Orbiter features a plastic injection NBR collar designed to reduce damage and promote uninhibited rotation. The textured handle is the widest allowed. Lead– filled models shown here —ask about...

  • Sticky-Discus
    This hard rubber discus features an adjustable nylon strap to help young throwers get the feel of "keeping their edge." [ Printed Catalog : Page 17 ]

  • Long Tom
    Turbo Javs & Long Tom
    The TURBO JAV and LONG TOM were created by the legendary Tom Petranoff, former world record holder, to teach the fundamentals of the javelin throw as well as to assist accomplished throwers. This line of training...