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Vaulting Accessories

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  • Grip Tape, Chalk & Sprays
    Grip Tape, Chalk & Sprays
    WHITE GRIP TAPE, CHALK & SPRAYS When it comes to getting a grip, consider a classic—Cramer white athletic tape. For the vaulter who likes it sticky, we have Firm Grip® spray. Like dry control? Try...

  • PVAHR - HandiRack Inflatable Roof Rack
    HandiRackā„¢ Inflatable Roof Rack
    Transport your vaulting poles and javelin tubes with this inflatable roof rack. Composed of two sets of twin cylinders, webbing tie–downs, D–ring anchor points, an air pump and travel bag—the system...

  • Ninja Elite Pole Vault Grip Tape
    Ninja Elite Pole Vault Grip Tape
    Thousands of gripping “fingers” offer a slip–resistant, vibration dampening hold, without the need for any additional “sticky stuff.” Grip lighter, yet tighter, and experience more...

  • PP100, PP101, PP106, PP110, PP105, PP102, PP107
    Pole Plugs
    *Call to assure exact sizing - Please specify pole size and brand when ordering all plugs. [Printed Catalog : Page 3]

  • Pole Protector
    Pole Protector
    Protect the vulnerable part of the pole that contacts the back of the box with the hard shell Pole Protector. One–size–fits–all. [Printed Catalog : Page...

  • Vault Pulley Trainer
    Vault Pulley Trainer
    This vault trainer employs a unique pulley system, allowing the athlete to coordinate grip and pole position while rotating around the pole. Strengthens muscle groups for effective push-off. May be hung safely from goal...