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Watches & Timing

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  • Ultrak 495
    Ultrak 495
    Lap and cum splits 100 dual split recallable memory Memory recall during operation Lithium battery [ Printed Catalog : Page 18...

  • Ultrak 498 Printer Watch
    Ultrak 498 Printer Watch
    2000-Entry-Memory 2000 dual split multiple event memory Continuous display of event time Automatic split release Dual countdown timers Measures to 10 hours Printout selectionof lap and/or cum splits, speed Automatic...

  • Ultrak 499
    Ultrak 499
    2000 dual split recallable Automatic split release Continuous display of event time Memory review during operation Click here to order the Ultrak 499 Printer/Watch System. Click here to order the Ultrak 499 Windows...

  • Ultrak 499 Printer Paper (5-roll pack)
    This printer paper works with: Ultrak 499 Printer/Watch System Seiko S149 Printer...

  • WW498 - all components shown.  Stopwatch also available separately.
    Ultrak 499 Printer/Watch System
    Printout selection of lap and/or cum splits and speed Automatic printout of year, month, date and time  Click here to order the Ultrak 499 Stopwatch ONLY. Click here to order replacement Printer Paper...

  • Ultrak 499I
    Ultrak 499I
    Windows Interface for use with Ultrak 499

  • Ultrak BTS
    Ultrak BTS
    Bluetooth w/ Smartphone App (Apple/Android compat.) Measures up to 10 hours in 1/100 second Programmable pacer [ Printed Catalog : Page 18 ]

  • Ultrak Clipboard
    Ultrak Clipboard
    Cumulative split stopwatch with 1/100 second resolution Calculator with memory Solar or battery-powered Measures 9"X12" [ Printed Catalog : Page 19...

  • Ultrak L10 – Multi Lane Timer
    Ultrak L10 – Multi Lane Timer
    Times up to 10-lane races and road races of up to 8,000 runners Bib numbers can be pre-assigned to lanes in track mode or entered at finish for road races Data can be uploaded to a PC or printed out during or after...